Looking For a Fun New Family Vacation? Here are a Few Reasons to Go Camping

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Are you sick of the normal run of the mill vacation where you spend most of your time in a hotel room and only see tourist attractions? Are you sick of the hole that just a few days of this can leave in your bank account? Have you ever thought about taking your family on a camping trip? Whether you have never been camping in your life or you are a seasoned out doors person, you will be able to find the best options near you and even farther away if you want to make a road trip out of it. Whether you are interested in RV campgrounds, North Carolina cabins, vacation rentals, or you want to go camping under the stars, you should start planning your family adventure.

Partly because of the economy, the popularity has been increasing in the past couple of years. More than likely because of the fact that family camping can be one of the most affordable family vacations available these days, more than 3 million more Americans having gone camping in 2012 than decided to take the wilderness route in 2010. If you have never been camping before, you might want to think about renting North Carolina cabins as a way to work your way up to tents. Cabin camping can be a really great way to make sure that you are comfortable spending time in the out doors before you commit to something more drastic like tent camping.

One of the amazing things that you can have access to when you find a park to camp in with your family is discovering new activities that you you can do together. According to the American Camp Association, as many as 63 percent of children continued new activities from camp after returning home. In fact, some campgrounds offer activities, amenities, and lots of alternatives to simply pitching a tent and playing in the woods all day. Whether you decide to rent North Carolina cabins or you go RV camping, you will have access to all kinds of amazing activities that you and your family will love to enjoy together.

Another thing that you should do if you have never been camping with your family before and you have young children is to try a backyard campout to familiarize them with the tent and the idea of sleeping outdoors. If they get scared or just can not handle it, you can just go inside and you do not have to worry about being in the woods if it happens. You should also begin to familiarize them with the idea of cleaning up the campsite when you pack it up for the day. Making sure to leave your campsite nicer than when you got there is a really great lesson to instill in children early so that it is something they are prepared for when you do a full scale camping adventure.

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