Three Awesome Projects With Wood Veneers

Veneer laminate sheets

Have you ever wanted to make the things in your life look more rustic? The good news is that by shopping at a veneer supply store, you can easily get the materials to upgrade their appearance! Veneer supply stores have every kind of wood surface and texture you could want to replicate, from bamboo veneer sheets, to cherry veneer sheets to oak sheets.

Here are a few household items that you can upgrade with help from a veneer supply store!

Musical Instruments.

After a few years, and some serious playing, your favorite guitar or drum set can start to look fairly ratty. Why not mask its age and usage with some peel and stick veneers from the veneer supply store? It’s a fairly easy project. All you need are the veneers, box cutters, a measuring tape and a pencil. Just take make notes of the proportions, draw the shapes you need on the instruments, cut them out, peel, and stick them on and you’ve got a new looking instrument!

Your Desk.

Sweaty palms, coffee mugs, and heavy equipment like computers can start to wear away the on your desk. To refurbish it, just grab some furniture grade material from the veneer supply store, and apply it to the desk. The project will take you a couple hours tops, and you can get some helpful advice from the staff.

Kitchen Cabinets.

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is probably the most popular project that people head to the veneer supply store for. It costs less than half of actually replacing the cabinets, and takes less time and hassle. Plus, you can continue to use them while the project is underway. For this project, though, it would be more effective to hire an installer.

If you have any other project ideas, or any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. For more about this, go here.

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