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15. Associate with Charities

A comic book event can be extremely fun for you and your guests, and can also help you partner with local charities! It is possible to donate the profits and other fun things to local organizations including Comic Books for Kids to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Additionally, invite your speakers as well as guests to make donations to local charities. It will not only help in building your network but will also allow the participants to volunteer and help others in the local community.

16. Do you conduct final surveys?

It is important to contact your guests at the end of the convention to find out what your guests thought about it. Following your event, this input is invaluable and could help you decide what to make improvements for the next event. It’s important to hear from those who are unhappy and offer assistance via customer service. Your satisfied guests will be more likely to spread word about the event, making the event even more successful over many years to come.

17. Rent Heavy Duty Trucks

Cleaning up isn’t easy especially after a huge gathering. It is necessary to hire trucks that can transport your equipment and trash away from the site after the gathering. You can store your items in a truck you can rent until the close of your event so that you will not have to take care of cleaning your space after the event has ended.

18. Professional cleaning services for hire

Most venues will require you to clean up the following day after your gathering. The venue may ask family members or friends to help clean up smaller events like weddings. If you want to save time, it’s better to contract a professional cleaner to clean your space according to the agreement. Cleaners can assist you to maintain the cleanliness of your convention by removing any spills or other problems that may happen.

19. Payment All Parties

Conventions can be very professional. ed88ybwmhe.

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