How Do People Make Money from Bail Services? – Legal Newsletter

about bail bond services and how the industry is suffering currently due to changes in the law of certain states. Bail bond firms can only earn money when customers come to them and request their help to get free from jail. They make their money off the amount of the down payment that they require the new customers to pay before helping. They typically require new clients to submit the equivalent of 10% of the bail bond. The new customer may need to deposit $1,000 prior to the bail firm can assist the client with a bail of $10,000. After the down-payment is received, the bail company is paid.

The difficulty with the bail bond business is that bail agents can’t earn a profit if one is able to obtain bail from jail. There are laws that make it difficult for judges to provide bail amount to defendants. Thus, bail bond firms haven’t been able to get the same volume of revenue they used to. A lot of companies are shutting their doors, or firing long-term workers because they don’t make the same profit that they used to earlier. This video will explain more. w8jelqlauk.

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