Funny Criminal Fails on Video – Entertainment Videos

mes, these funny mistakes were caught on security cameras. In this video you’ll see various instances of criminals failing with hilarious humor. Perhaps after making some unfortunate decisions, these criminals are able to make wise decisions with the help of secure bail bonds.

The vending machine which squished a thief is one of the funniest moments recorded on video. It fell right on top of the thief. It was okay, and his friend was able help him to get up. Vending machines are dangerous because of their massive mass. It is a good idea not to ever steal from a vending machine.

Another criminal was robbing an apartment. The robber finds a mirror inside dark and darkened rooms that appears odd. After seeing the mirror, the robber is scared. The robber thought that the reflections in the mirror is a representation of someone. He was actually afraid of seeing himself in the mirror. In the moment he leaves the house and into the street, you will easily see the fear in his eyes.


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