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It’s back in the oven after having ordered it that night prior. Pizza is a very popular meal all over the world. Amazon has over 14,000 books on the subject. There are numerous types of pizza available for consumers to delight in. They offer New York style, Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, Detroit and stuffed pizzas, as well as grilled, and frozen.

In Naples The Romans as well as Greeks were the first to serve pizza, topped with oil and herbs. In the early days, pizza was known as flatbread to the poor. In 1889 two royal couples that included the Italian king along with his spouse Margarita visited Naples. A chef created a pizza in honor of the Italian flag to mark their visit. To make this pizza, the chef employed tomatoes as well as basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. The pizza is known as Margarita Pizza in honor of the King’s wife.

Lombardi’s, the first restaurant specifically dedicated to pizza was opened in 1905. In the years following World War II, pizza gained popularity due to advertising as well as returning soldiers seeking this popular item. In 2012, pizza sales reached 36 billion dollars. It is still a very sought-after food in America, with many restaurants and cafes offering pizza. lydr1538oz.

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