How Gardening Can Help Mental Health in Seniors – News Health

Plants are perfect for uplifting your mood. People over the age of 65 can experience joy and fulfillment when they observe how their plants develop and flourish when they take care of them.
It should be a habit

The key is knowing how gardening can enhance physical health of older people. It is particularly relevant for seniors who are suffering from memory impairment when the most basic of activities and routines have to be relearned every day. Plant care and gardening provide people with memory issues a set of routines they can follow and work on keeping track of and paying attention to that are less stressful and impactful when they fail to remember things from time to time.

They can socialize with others

Social animals are usually sociable which is why we are happier and healthy when with others. Yet, many older adults feel isolated in nursing homes or other facilities for care. It is a great way for residents to get together and socialize and have fun with other people. This is just another example of how gardening can help the health and mental well-being of senior citizens by bringing them closer to others as well as being active and socializing more than they would otherwise.

Lets Them Feel Accomplished

Gardening is a pastime that lots of individuals enjoy due to it giving them a feeling of great satisfaction, fulfillment and satisfaction in watching their gardens flourish, knowing the care and focus that made it possible. Seniors need this to live their lives, as they can often feel like they’ve lost their need or that they aren’t valuable. It allows them to take responsibility for another living thing without the overwhelming pressure of taking care of an animal or someone else.

Lets them reflect

As children the majority of seniors were interested in working on the lawn and in gardening. It is possible that they were an arborist or even a landsc


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