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Use a tea towel made from water that has been soaked, not burning.

A regular check-up by an electrician is strongly recommended.

If your Christmas tree is not properly lit, the lights may cause flame. To prevent fires, switch off your Christmas lights prior to get to bed.

The matches and lighters can be used by children

If you’re a smoker make sure you take out your cigarettes as quickly as possible.

Keep your candles lit up when you go to bed.

Design a fire escape plan, and make sure everyone knows the location.

Be prepared for an emergency

It’s easy to think it’s unlikely that an emergency will happen for you, specifically if you live in a region that’s not famous for its natural disasters.

Any house can be subject to the possibility of an emergency. Even if it’s not a natural catastrophe, it could occur due to a power interruption or water supply shortage. The unexpected can happen and it will. out of control, often when you least expect it. It’s important to have an emergency preparedness plan.

It is important to have Generators in the event in the event of an outage. Our lives depend on electricity in such a way that we don’t necessarily realize it. Fortunately, the generator is an extremely valuable tool.

It’s essential to are prepared with enough food and water to be prepared for an eventuality. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a prepared for disaster according to the saying It’s just important to have supplies of food and water that will last you and your family for a few months if needed. You can prepare plenty of food as well as other non-perishable foods.

Your items can be put in airtight containers, after that, you can place them in 2 or more containers for easy transport, such as plastic bags or a duffel bag.

The following items are ideal to keep in a first-aid kit for emergencies:

Water: For several days everyone needs one gallon per day of water in order to wash and drink.

Food: Food that is non-perishable enough to last for many days

Radios that can be turned manually or runs off batteries. An NOAA Weather A radio equipped with an alarm tones


First aid kit: First aid guide, a variety of sterile gauge


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