Arten Science announce R10 Security and Encryption Suite Family Pack

Ripley, United Kingdom – Arten Science today announced the R10 Security and Encryption Suite Family Pack. The pack includes the Award Winning R10Cipher, cuteCipher and our Security eBook. The license allows up to six installations of the Mac, Windows or Linux editions of both software packages. The pack is priced at a remarkable 30 GBP ($48 USD), and for 29th and 30th June there is an additional 30% Discount (on all our products) with the Coupon Code: ALL30JUNE

Arten Science security products have long been the sensible choice for keeping your private documents, well, private. R10Cipher has also been used very successfully in the ‘one to many’ situation, for example a teacher who sends grades or assignments to students via email. The teacher has an R10Cipher license and the students can download a free ‘Encrypt Only’ edition of R10Cipher.

This works very well but there is now another choice; Arten Science has made available an early Beta version of R10Cipher on the Web for use for Decryption only. Not only is this quicker than downloading a copy of R10Cipher, but as a web Application it will run on any platform, even mobile platforms such as the iOS and Android phones and tablet devices that are so popular. This removes the last barrier to using R10Cipher for all your encryption requirements.

More about R10Cipher and cuteCipher:
Many people do not realise that sending an email is the equivalent of sending a postcard, it’s contents are easily visible. For many companies, individuals and markets this is totally unacceptable and with the potential complexity and setup issues often found with the available Public Key Encryption systems it makes sense to encrypt using the R10 Security Suite.

R10Cipher takes text or files and encrypts them using up to 384 bit Blowfish encryption. These files can be Word files, Excel files, MP3 files – almost any kind of file. These encrypted files can be copied elsewhere, even to a different operating system and unencrypted by anyone in possession of the Shared Secret that was used for the encryption.

Your text can be encrypted and sent as an email directly from R10Cipher, only the recipient in possession of the Shared Secret can read the contents. If encrypting a file the encrypted file can be stored or sent in the full knowledge that it’s contents are not visible to anyone without access to R10Cipher and the Shared Secret.

Decryption can be carried out just by double clicking the encrypted file and entering the Shared Secret. R10Cipher supports batch encryption by ‘drag and drop’ to make encryption fast and painless, even when dealing with dozens of files. As R10Cipher does not require installation you can, for example, copy the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of R10Cipher to a USB drive along with your encrypted documents and files. Your documents and files are secure, but available whenever and wherever you require them.

In addition to individuals, labs, schools, universities and businesses, Arten Science security products are the choice of Independent Financial Advisors and Accountants in the Uk. Professionals who need to abide by a ‘treaty of care’ find that Arten Science security products help them look after their clients interests by using encryption to protect their private information and ensure that if identity theft happens, it happens elsewhere.

Feature Highlights:
* Cross Platform, Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Linux, Web
* Fast / Secure 384 Bit Blowfish Encryption
* Lightweight – No Installation Necessary
* Launch from a USB Key if required
* Twitter Integration on Mac OSX
* Batch (Automatically Split a Large Message) Twittering on Mac OSX
* Full Key Management Ability
* Extremely Simple to Use
* Drag and drop multiple files to Encrypt
* Decrypt a file by double clicking
* Encrypt on one Operating System, Decrypt on another
* No System Alterations
* Online Help
* Full Screen Mode
* Activity Log Saved to Database Option
* Extensive User Manual

“R10Cipher is a fantastic cross platform tool which has given us the peace of mind that our patient sensitive research data can be transmitted electronically in a secure manner on site or with collaborators around the world. The ability to encrypt and attach files to emails or simply encrypt the email text between Apple Macs and Windows PCs without the need for complicated software installations means that our users are happy to use this great bit of software. The developer’s proactive approach to their software development requesting and rapidly incorporating users feedback has turned a good encryption tool into and excellent one.” – Paul McGrath, Computer Manager, Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre

“For NetFoos I am lucky enough to travel around the USA and parts of Europe to bring live streaming foosball tournaments to the foosball community. For the live streaming there is a lot of information needed to keep the server running and secure. Now, while on the road with R10Cipher, receiving this information from the home office is much easier as we can simply encrypt and email it while feeling confident that our data remains private. Although we are constantly finding new uses for the software, this one capability has made R10Cipher a great investment for us.” – Mark Winker, NetFoos

“I have a thing for encryption programs and most sadly seem to be snake oil and try and hype on the fear factor. I was impressed that you have chosen not to go the way of the ‘Military Level Encryption’ or ‘Not Even the CIA Can Break’ road and simply give examples of what your product can do. Which is why after a quick play with your product, reading all the documentation and the ever important look on google for any negative things, I have purchased a couple of licences and may get more before the end of the Zot. Good work.” – Kevin

“My Sony USB Microvault is so much easier than lugging my laptop through airport security, yet again. The nightmare of the lost or stolen USB stick is only too real, with the Staff Salary Reviews and the Acquisition Financials modeled in embarrassing detail. I use R10Cipher for Mac as a simple and reliable way of exchanging financial models and private placement memorandums across platforms as well as for secure storage on my USB sticks and portable hard drives. Simple, reliable and easy to use.” – Karl Mattingly, Partner, slowCapital

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 or higher
* Windows XP / Vista / Window 7
* Linux with GTK 2.x
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 40 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
The R10 Security Suite is available now. Pricing is 30 GBP ($48 USD) for the 6 installs Family Pack. As with all Arten Science software, R10Cipher is available at a considerable discount to Educational and official Charity organisations. Please contact us for further information. Trial Versions can be downloaded from our websites. NFR Review licenses are available to Journalists and Bloggers who wish to write a review of the R10 Security Suite for publication either online or offline.

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Arten Science was setup in 2007 to design, develop and market quality commercial software for the Apple Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. We also provide Bespoke Software Development and Technology/Database/Security Consultancy services. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can also be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. We can help you to use software to solve business problems and create business opportunities. Copyright (C) 2011 Arten Science. All Rights Reserved. All other names are the property of their respective companies in the US and other countries.

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