Gogo Navigator 1.2 now features Live Traffic capability and more

Seoul, South Korea – EnGIS Communications, a specialist in the creation of sophisticated, high-end navigational software, has launched the newest version of its popular Gogo Navigator USA & CAN app for iPhone and iPod touch. Version 1.2 of the popular app features real-time Live Traffic update capabilities; making Gogo Navigator – known for its rich and user-friendly interface – an even more powerful and user-tailored navigational tool.

Gogo Navigator USA & CAN has steadily placed in the top 50 of its category at the App Store – where version 1.2 is now available for $29.99 (USD). Live Traffic, powered by Clear Channel Total Traffic Network and now available for use with Gogo Navigator 1.2, provides up-to-the-minute, real-time traffic information including in-depth accident reports, lane closures and colored traffic flow speeds. Live Traffic can reroute users based on incoming accident information resulting in a more efficient and effective navigational experience for users.

With its turn-by-turn 3D navigation, text-to-speech (TTS) guidance, signpost display, and millions of places of interest, Gogo Navigator USA & CAN for iPhone, version 1.2, is now one of the most comprehensive, useful and affordable navigational tools of its kind to be found anywhere in the world. According to EnGIS Vice President Martin Carr, Gogo Navigator USA & CAN 1.2 is more than a product it is a testament to the growing importance of listening to and trusting feedback offered by users.

“Although Gogo Navigator was already a great product, the feedback we get from customers is a direct influence on our decision-making; we are 100 percent committed to listening to our community, interacting with them, hearing all of their suggestions – and getting it right for them,” said Carr. “That’s what we have done here, with Gogo Navigator 1.2. The users have spoken, and we have listened. We have updated this product with an amazing array of new features – including the availability of comprehensive and real-time traffic information. For anyone who wants to be up-to-speed when it comes to navigating the United States and Canada, Gogo Navigator 1.2 is, literally, all that you need. We are thankful for all the user input; it has helped us to craft one of the most convenient and reliable navigational tools in the world.”

Gogo Navigator USA & CAN, which has previously climbed as high as No. 37 in the App Store’s Navigation category, was already renowned for its OpenGL graphics technology – which allows for remarkable, deeply-textured 3D landmark display and visual imaging capacity. The app’s existing suite of features includes precision voice-guidance, advanced POI searching, auto zooming on intersection, speed limit warning, customizable fuel cost calculator and Integrated Navigation Guidance while music is playing (choose to mute or fade music during guidance). Gogo Navigator, version 1.2, does not require an internet connection (as map data is stored locally in the mobile device) and, as such, users are not required to pay additional connectivity fees for use.

New Features:
* Live Traffic now available as in-app purchase
* Pedestrian Navigation mode added for city navigation by foot
* Quit button added on Main Menu screen (multitasking setting is now removed from Settings)
* Button Layout: you can set up Gogo Navigator for right-handed or left-handed operation
* Upside down GUI applied (Users may now use Gogo app when placing the phone upside down, scenario example: when placing the phone in the cup holder, the in-car power plug can be placed facing upwards)
* Improvements for matching addresses from the ‘iPhone Contacts’ to the map database
* Car symbol for the 3D Map has been moved farther up the screen to allow users to view current and previous street(s) more easily

Route information labels (Time & Distance values) at bottom of screen:
* Font size increased
* Color codes added (gold for distance, blue for time and white for speed)
* You may now use any choice of distance and time information in either field option
* Speed (current driving speed) added as display option
* Label texts have been shortened to reduce space on screen
* The ‘second’ value is removed from the ETA time

* Speed limit icon is repositioned to top-right of screen
* The scale bar is hidden automatically three seconds after the user zooms in or zooms out
* Subsequent Turn Arrow, route guidance mode, is now only shown when two maneuvers are in close succession (This 2nd turn indicator is now synced with the voice ‘then guidance’. E.g. Turn left, then Turn Right)
* User Manual available on website has been updated to explain changes

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 1.83 GB

Pricing and Availability:
Gogo Navigator USA & CAN 1.2 is currently available at the App Store in the Navigation category, for a purchase price of $29.99 (USD). Live Traffic is available via an in-app purchase of $8.99 (USD).

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EnGIS Communications Inc., a Seoul, South Korea-based software developer, specializes in creating high-end navigational software that offers a heightened richness of experience, improved user-friendliness/convenience and the type of affordability other high-performance navigational suppliers cannot match. The creator of Gogo Navigator Japan, EnGIS Communications most recently launched Gogo Navigator USA & CAN, which quickly rose to No. 37 on iTunes in the Navigation category’s top 50 rankings.

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