Lumi’s Book of Eyes for iOS Comparative Ophthalmology Made Fun for Kids

Westchester, New York – Zephyr Games today is pleased to introduce Lumi’s Book of Eyes 1.0 for iOS, the ebook version of the best-selling paperback for kids 3-12, which also includes the I Spy an Eye mini-game. Originally written by ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Abel Jr., the book provides a fascinating introduction to the eyes of different animals as well as humans. The ebook is aimed at an international audience and features animals from around the world as it discusses the importance of good eye health and the value of eyeglasses. The 16-page interactive storybook can be read to a child, or by the character Lumi, a clever young man from Turkey who acts as our guide, who can read the book aloud (with or without the text displayed).

The ebook launches in landscape mode, and its vector graphics scale automatically to Retina, iPhone, or older iPod displays. The animated cartoon graphics consist of colored shapes with relatively thick stroke outlines. The pencil and watercolor drawings are simple but detailed, achieving a joyous realism through animated changes in shading. On selecting the ebook from the splash page, the enthusiastic cartoon voiceover announces, “Hello, my name is Lumi! And I’m here to show you the world of eyes!” The reader sees Lumi at work at his painting easel, out in the sunshine with a rainbow in the sky. The drawings are interactive, and touching some objects produces an animated reaction. Lumi gets his name from the French word “lumiere” that means “light,” as in the English word “illuminate.”

With a lilting Turkish accent, Lumi goes on to lead the reader on a tour of the differences between the eyes of many different animals, such as the: iguana, giraffe, eagle, owl, crocodile, tiger, hippopotamus, dragonfly, and frog. Lumi appears alongside a photo of each animal, and as he speaks he moves his head to look at the animal while addressing the reader. The reader learns how the unique ocular system of each creature is specially adapted to suit his or her special needs. In the book’s conclusion, Lumi points out that he, himself, wears corrective lenses, so that he can fully enjoy all there is to see. This serves as encouragement for young children to get eye exams and wear glasses, if necessary.

Feature Highlights:
* Actual, full color photos of the eyes of animals from around the world
* Amusing I Spy an Eye mini-game challenges kids to distinguish eyes from other objects
* The ebook contains full color graphics and animation for children of the highest quality
* Professional voiceover, music, and interactive game
* Turn audio narration on/off
* Set written text show/hide

Lumi was written and created by Robert Abel, Jr. M.D. In order to teach children about the importance of vision, Dr. Abel created the graphic character, Lumi. Lumi’s Book of Eyes informs children that it is OK to wear glasses and to have an eye exam by the age of five. Dr. Abel has traveled to India, Nepal, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and Europe researching alternative medical practices. Working with an herbalist for 20 years, he has adopted many natural approaches for disease management. He has also contributed to the translation of ancient Ayurvedic eye therapies. Dr. Abel has written over 120 scientific articles and 20 chapters in medical books. He has also authored the The Eye Care Revolution, The DHA story, The Best Supplements For Your Health, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, Lethal Hindsight and the Lumi series. These books can be seen on Dr. Abel’s website

According to the author, “Born in the mountains of Turkey, Lumi came from very artistic and creative parents. His father, a musician, philosopher, and poet, is also a shipbuilder and always wanted to build an Ark so if the world were to flood, he could save the animals and the people. Lumi’s mother is a chef and cooks food for all the travelers who come through from Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Africa. When Lumi was a little boy, she would tell stories about animals from around the world. Lumi would take his summer vacations from school visiting the places his mother talked about so he could see the animals and how they lived. Since most kids didn’t have this opportunity, he wanted to write about them and share his knowledge. Lumi always believed in learning and sharing with others. Lumi recognizes the power of learning through reading. Lumi loves talking to the animals and kids.”

The ebook exhibits very high production values, and all elements blend seamlessly to produce an engaging, entertaining, and enlivening experience. The writer of the original book was Dr. Robert Abel Jr., MD, ophthalmologist, author, and lecturer who is devoted to bringing complementary thinking to eye health. He created Lumi out of his love for children and animals. Illustrations were created by Shanon Stevens, a distinguished graduate of the Wellington Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Project Development was by John Foster and Blackburst Media, Inc. Audio Design and Engineering was done by The Code International, Steve Horowitz and Robert Carpenter; audio recording at Dubway Studios NYC. Animation and GUI Design was contributed by Kohrtoons Studio, Inc., Rob Kohr, and Bobby Khounphaysane. Finally, the ebook was produced and published by Zephyr Games, Inc., Kenneth Johnson, CEO.

“Dr Abel is a remarkable man and a respected doctor,” stated Developer and Publisher Kenneth Johnson. “Lumi’s Book of Eyes captures the miracle of vision as it is found in different ecosystems around the world.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
* 40.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Lumi’s Book of Eyes 1.0 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category. Review copies are available upon request.

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