QuickerTek’s 5dBi Tri-Band works for newly released Apple Base Station

Wichita, Kansas – QuickerTek Inc. today is pleased to announce that their second generation higher gain 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna upgrade kit was tested with the newly released Apple 802.11n Extreme Base Station MD031LL/A model A1408. The new Apple Extreme Base Station is more powerful which carries the signal at a greater distance with significant improvement. You can never have too much signal strength! You will be the envy of the neighborhood when you upgrade your new Apple 802.11n Extreme Base Station with our 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna upgrade kit.

Our in-house testing showed up to 3 times better signal strength then that of the built in antennas on the Base Station. Keep in mind, that everyone’s situation will be different with walls and such that the signal must penetrate. But you will notice a significant signal difference combining our 5dBi antenna with the new Apple 802.11n Extreme Base Station.

We are keeping the prices the same for the Do It Yourself kits, customer sends us their unit to upgrade kits and the purchase a new Base Station all ready upgraded kits. Same low price for higher performance! Now that is a great deal!

* 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna with 3 foot coaxial cable
* 3 adapter cables
* Instruction manual

The 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna Do It Yourself kit can be ordered from our website or from many of our resellers. Like most QuickerTek products, the 5dBi Tri-Band Antenna kit has a one year parts and labor warranty.

Tri-Band Antenna Upgrade

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