Why Hose Clamps are Important in the Pneumatic Tube Industry

Stainless hose clamps

Those that are working in industrial pneumatic systems need high quality gear. In addition to large hoses that can safely transmit pressurized gases, they also need stainless hose clamps and other clamps. These stainless hose clamps and other clamps are able to withstand the force of pressurization that is inside the hose, while maintaining an ambient pressure that is outside the hose.

What are stainless hose clamps and other clamps like? A clamp is just something that forces two objects together. Civilizations across the planet have used clamps for countless millennia. The Inca, a civilization in an earthquake zone in Peru, used copper clamps to hold together stones in their structures. These clamps let their buildings withstand all but the strongest earthquakes. In fact, they often outlasted colonial structures that were build immediately after Spanish colonization.

Today, stainless hose clamps serve a variety of purposes. While they are used in building, they are also used in machining, metallurgy, jewelry, and other industrial applications. Stainless hose clamps in particular are often used for garden hoses and other such hoses that one may find around the house.

The application of stainless hose clamps in the pneumatic industry comes with the need for high grade security of the hose. Often, gasses passing through the hose are highly pressurized, and need to withstand diffusion into the air. While the hoses themselves can often withstand the pressure, stainless hose clamps and other large hose clamps need to join these parts together. There aer many industrial producers of stainless hose clamps, many of which are in reach of other manufactures.

As the pneumatics industry advances, so too will stainless hose clamps. Stainless hose clamps not only connect the component parts of the hose, but they also provide protection against the lack of equilibrium between the pressurized gasses and the surrounding air. Often, this means the industry can do the job it was set out to do. Helpful links:

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