Do Not Fear, SEO Is Here

Seo cocitation

The internet is so prevalent in society today that over 77 percent of the North American population uses the internet regularly. Many use search engines while they use the internet. The cofounders of search engine Google, Brin and Page, wrote the original mission statement as “to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Today, search engines everywhere do that, but search engine optimization helps.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes a website appear earlier and more often in the results of a search engine search. Search engine optimization work includes HTML coding and editing the content of a website.

Involved in SEO content editing is SEO citation and SEO cocitation.

An SEO citation is a mention of your business on another already established website, without necessarily having a link to your website. Citation SEO is important for smaller, less competitive businesses that do not have a website. SEO citation is most common for local search engine search results.

SEO cocitation refers to link building without necessarily using actual links. This means that if website A links to website B and also website C, website B and website C are related because of cocitation. Cocitation analysis helps search engine professionals find websites with authority to get links from to achieve better rankings.

Citation SEO and cocitation seo are just two more techniques to get better rankings for your website.

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