Using the Internet to Search for Employees

Employer hiring

Are you having a hard time finding employees to fill your vacancies? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States has a 7.4% unemployment rate as of July 2013. That means there are 23 million Americans who are in need of employment. So, why are you unable to find people to fill your job needs? By making use of modern digital techniques your search for employees can be successful.

  • Online Job Boards
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    By making use of websites like and employers can get their staffing employment requests out onto the world wide web. These boards are available internationally and give you access to a much wider pool of potential resources staffing. However, both of these websites require employers to pay a fee for their employer job search listings.

    If you are an employer hiring for a position but you do not want to pay for your listings you can try other outlets like Craigslist. Posting on Craigslist and similar sites will give you geo-specific reach and no bill. However, many potential employees do not trust sites that are so open with their submission policy. Success here is hit or miss.

  • Use Your Own Webpage
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    If you are a well known business that enjoys a steady flow of web traffic to your page, then you should consider listing job opportunities on your website. Huge companies, like McDonald’s and Wegman’s, oftentimes offer an employment portal hosted on their site. Through this portal job hunters can search for available jobs, salary, and benefits in a convenient way. This is a great way for businesses to search for employees and for potential employees to easily find your business’s job opportunities.

  • Take to Social Media
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    According to Statistic Brain, 56% of the world’s population uses at least one social media platform. The average person spends close to 16 hours a month on Facebook. Imagine if your business could become visible on these social networks and share your employment opportunities to all of your followers. Social media platform LinkedIn is built with the purpose of providing employers and job hunters with a social place to find incredible opportunities. According to LinkedIn, 238 million people use the website. The fastest growing demographic on the site is college students and graduates. If you are looking for a skilled, educated work pool, this may be the best place for you.

Taking out ads in the newspaper to let people know you are hiring continues to be decreasingly effective as traditional media goes the way of the dinosaur. By taking advantage of the internet through your personal page, job boards, and social media you get access to a huge pool of schooled, hardworking people. By using these methods your search for employees becomes much easier.

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