What Do I Need to Know Before My First Physical Therapy Appointment? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists


If you’ve never been to physical therapybefore, the odds are there’s a lot to be curious about. Learn more about what to expect on your first day.

Your first visit to physical therapy can take longer than any follow-up sessions. You should take this into consideration when scheduling the first session, so that you make sure you don’t miss another appointment or other commitments following your physical therapy session.

Your initial visit will be one-on-one sessions with a physical Therapist. Before your appointment the therapist will go over your doctors’ referral and any imaging or records like MRIs or the Xrays. You will be asked about your current goals and problems. The physical therapists can then design a customized fitness program that you can do at home considering everything you discuss.

You must dress in a suitable manner in your physical therapy session. Since you’ll be moving about a lot, it is important to put on loose clothes to ensure that your movements don’t become restricted. Your physical therapist also require the ability assess the damaged area of your body, so for example if your knee has been injured, you should wear shorts rather than jeans or sweatpants.

You should now be prepared for the first day of your appointment, If you’ve got other questions concerning physical therapy, your physical Therapist will be pleased to offer details.


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