The New Homeowners Guide to Understanding Plumbing Basics – Home Renovation and Remodeling Digest

ect of understanding plumbing basics is understanding the pressure of water. Water pressure is the amount of force which is generated by the water that flows through your pipes. It is measured as pounds/square inch (PSI). A typical house’s water pressure is between 40-60 PSI. If your home is having a pressure of water that is too excessive, it will cause your pipes to break or leak. If you live in a home with a water pressure that is too high, it may create a problem for your appliances and fixtures to not work properly.
Examining the Pressure of Your Water

There are several things that you can try to check your water pressure in case you are worried. The first step is to buy the gauge for water pressure at the hardware shop. Connect the gauge to an outside faucet and switch on the water. It will show a number from the gauge regarding your water pressure. You can also invite a professional to your home and check the water pressure. Similar to how an AC service can help repair your HVAC system, a plumber can help fix the simplest things like water pressure.

What can you do to alter your water pressure

If you find that your water pressure is either too high or low, there are a few things you can do to alter it. In the first place, install a pressure gauge. It’s a piece of equipment that is connected to your water supply and regulates pressure in your home. A few water-saving appliances including low-flow showerheads and toilets can be used to control the pressure inside your house. Also, you can invite a professional to your home and adjust your water pressure.

Drain Lines

The drain lines within the plumbing system in your house are responsible to remove wastewater out of your house. PVC (or polyvinylchloride) is the material used in making these lines. The drain line of your house connects with your sewer line and transfers wastewater to a nearby treatment facility. Like you would engage an AC company to check your air conditioning unit It is essential to get help from the same source.


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